Program Mentorski 2016/2017 Rekrutacja

Rozpoczynamy rekrutację do piątej edycji Programu Mentorskiego Sputnik Photos (SPMP). Więcej informacji TUTAJ 

Book / NO.04

It’s here! No.04 Sputnik Photos Mentoring Program book with 9 great projects by very talented photographers!  NO 4 : Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2014/ 2015 annual publication presenting work of 9 emerging photographers. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Olga Świątecka, Natalia Dołgowska, Paweł Biedrzycki, Tomasz Kaczorek, Bartek Gajewski, Aleksandra Kubos, Lucyna Kolendo, Jakub Stanek, Ola Walków. TEXT BY: Michal Luczak, […]

Exhibition / Sputnik at Krakow Photomonth Festival 2016

During this year Krakow Photomonth Festival Sputnik Photos is presenting an exhibition in form of an installation. Lost Territories. Phase Zero is an attempt to capture the moment in the development of a project when everything is still fluid and possible, when new images start to form out of a cluster of overlapping meanings or interlocking and interacting […]

FESTIVAL / IS(not) exhibition in Baku.

On the 2nd of April Sputnik Photos opened in Center of Contemporary Art in Baku “IS(not)” exhibition. Our show was accompanied by a presentation of Polish photobooks.  

FESTIVAL / Open air exhibition- Mentoring Programme in Baku.

During the THE FESTIVAL OF YOUNG POLISH DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN BAKU Sputnik presented an open air exhibition including work of  our students (Marta Berens, Łukasz Gryko, Karina Lempkowska, Bartek Warzecha) from previous Mentoring Programme.

FESTIVAL / Portfolio Review with SPUTNIK PHOTOS in Baku

PORTFOLIO REVIEW WITH SPUTNIK PHOTOS FESTIVAL OF YOUNG POLISH DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN BAKU When and where? 2016, April 9th 10am-1pm Centre of Contemporary Art in Baku (Müasir İncəsənət Mərkəzi) Address: 15 Gulle St. Old City, Baku Who are the reviewers? Rafal Milax (Rafał Milach), Aqneşka Rays (Agnieszka Rayss) , Adam Pançuk (Adam Pańczuk) from Sputnik […]

FESTIVAL / Festival of Young Polish Documentary Photography in Baku

DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS  FOR  EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHERS AND PHOTOJOURNALISTS IN BAKU (April 2nd -3rd 2016) Workshop will be conducted by Sputnik Photos photographers: Rafal Milach, Adam Panczuk, Agnieszka Rayss. It will be held within Festival of Young Polish Documentary Photography in Baku, supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Those wishing to participate should send a […]

Book / This Is Where the End of Cities Begins by Agnieszka Rayss

This Is Where the End of Cities Begins / Tu się zaczyna koniec miast soft cover 198 x 310 m 80 pages 34 pictures print 198 x 310 mm photos: Agnieszka Rayss text: Filip Springer design: Ania Nalecka / TBD edition: 350 copies, including 25 special edition copies publisher: Sputnik Photos ISBN: 978-83-941826-1-8 GET THE […]

Discussion / Sputnik at Warsaw Art Book Fair

See you at the Warsaw Art Book Fair over upcoming weekend . All our books will be there.  During the weekend 27-29.11.2015 Sputnik will be present at the Warsaw Art Book Fair which is taking place in Museum of Modern Art.  All our books will be there and we will have a Sputnik Lost Territories newspaper […]

Newspaper / Lost Territories

We are excited to share with you our newest newspaper prepared for UNSEEN Photo Fair. Inside: An extensive interview and few pictures from our upcoming Lost Territories project. The newspaper will be given away for free at the events linked to Lost Territories promotion. More updates soon.

Exhibition / Sputnik at Unseen Festival

From the 18th till the 20th of September Sputnik Photos was present at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam. You could find us at Unseen Niche / A1. More information here.

Book / THE GARDENER by Jan Brykczynski

BOOK INFO pages: 88 photos: 43 hard cover book dimensions: 29 x 20 cm photographs: Jan Brykczyński language: English text: Malu Halasa, Jocelyn C. Zuckerman book design: Laurence Stevens publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing ISBN: 978-1-907893-66-7   PUBLICATIONS / AWARDS The Gardener is a winning commission of the inaugural Syngenta Photography Award Photo-eye blog British Journal of Photography The Daily Telegraph Polityka Art&Business […]

Movie / Reykjavik premiere.

On the 29th of August in Reykjavik (Iceland) at BIO PARADIS cinema we have shown our 3 documentary movies. The house was full. Stay tuned to this page for a schedule of upcoming screenings.

Movie / Grace of God by Kristján Loðmfjörð, Agnieszka Rayss, Jan Brykczynski

Grace of God is a documentary reflecting on the complex relationships between humans and domesticated animals. Thirteen individuals share their stories of personal experiences with a particular animal, relaying everything from profound friendships to a range of unusual interactions. There are stories of farm animals as well as beloved family friends. Animals of exceptional intelligence, […]

Movie / If Weather Permits by Huldar Breiðfjörð, Rafał Milach and Andrei Liankevich

Þór lives with his mother on a farm in the northwest of Iceland. He goes to school in a nearby village while his mother tends their flock of two hundred sheep. They are the last remaining people to inhabit the Ingjaldssandur fjord and their annual struggle with the isolation of harsh winter is only made […]

Movie / Sisters by Helena Stefánsdóttir

They live together, they’re in their fifties and they look alike. They are never sick, they hardly ever travel. They lead the most simple and yet beautiful life at their farm where the routine is the same, season after season, year after year. They’re hard working but yet their daily routine is oh so free […]

Exhibition / Triennial of Photography Hamburg / The Unicorn and Other Objects by Agnieszka Rayss

We are happy to be part of official section of Triennial of Photography Hamburg. In cooperation with Historical Museums of Hamburg we prepared 4 new projects. Michal Luczak is presenting his work The Unicorn and Other Objects in Altonaer Museum. More detailed information about this show here.

Exhibition / Triennial of Photography Hamburg / Where the Atoms Die by Rafal Milach

We are happy to be part of official section of Triennial of Photography Hamburg. In cooperation with Historical Museums of Hamburg we prepared 4 new projects. Rafal Milach is presenting his work “Where the Atoms Die” in Hamburg Museum. More detailed information about this show here.

Exhibition / Triennial of Photography Hamburg / Altenwerder & Neuenfelde by Michal Luczak

We are happy to be part of official section of Triennial of Photography Hamburg. In cooperation with Historical Museums of Hamburg we prepared 4 new projects. Michal Luczak is presenting his work Altenwerder & Neuenfelde in Hamburg Museum. More detailed information about this show here.

Exhibition / Triennial of Photography Hamburg / City Lab by Adam Panczuk

We are happy to be part of official section of Triennial of Photography Hamburg. In cooperation with Historical Museums of Hamburg we prepared 4 new projects. Adam Panczuk is presenting his work City Lab in Museum der Arbeit. More detailed information about this show here.

Workshop / IV edycja Rocznego Programu Mentorskiego Sputnik Photos

Rekrutacja na Program Mentorski 2015/2016 rozpoczęta! Zapraszamy do przesyłania zgłoszeń. Program przeznaczony jest dla osób zainteresowanych fotografią dokumentalną oraz działaniami z jej pogranicza. Podczas programu każdy z uczestników będzie pracował pod okiem mentora nad autorskim projektem fotograficznym. Zgłoszenia można nadsyłać od dziś do 30 lipca 2015 na adres:  Prosimy o przesyłanie portfolio (max. 15 fotografii w […]

Book / NO.03

NO 2 : Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2013/ 2014 annual publication presenting work of 10 emerging photographers. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Marlena Jabłońska, Dagna Nippe, Andrejs Strokins, Luka Lukasiak, Alex Leszczyński, Bartek Warzecha, Dagmara Barańska-Morzy, Ela Polkowska, Marta Kosiorek, Jakub Jurkowski, Piotr Brzozowski TEXT BY: Agnieszka Rayss, Authors LANGUAGE OF TEXT: English / Polish EDITOR: Rafał Milach DESIGN: Ania Nałęcka […]

Exhibition / HUNTER by Sputnik Photos and Sputnik Mentoring Program on Format Festival in Derby

“HUNTER” a collective show by Sputnik Photographers and Sputnik Mentoring Program Students curated by Michal Luczak is part of this year Format Festival in Derby UK. The exhibition at Derby Museum and Art Gallery features Sputnik Photos artists Jan Brykczyński, Rafał Milach, Agnieszka Rayss, Adam Pańczuk, Michał Łuczak, and Andrei Liankievich; and from the Sputnik […]

Book / THE WINNERS (II edition) by Rafal Milach

The Winners / II Edition 200 copies 165 x 222mm , 112 pages with 53 images, Hardback with foiled cloth cover, ISBN 978-0-9574272-7-3 GET YOUR COPY HERE

New project / Support SPUTNIK on IndieGoGo

We would like to invite you to support our artistic project in post-soviet countries of Central Asia. Twenty-five years after the fall of the USRR five Sputnik Photos photographers are setting out on a journey to five former soviet republics: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. We are interested in what is happening in the countries that […]

BOOK / PSOPLAAINND. Mapping the blind spots.

TITLE: PSOPLAAINND. Mapping the blind spots. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Sputmik Photos, Nophoto TEXT BY: Sputnik Photos, Nophoto LANGUAGE OF TEXT: English ISBN: 978-83-63610-99-9 PUBLISHER: Polish Institute Madrid, Sputnik Photos, Nophoto CITY OF PUBLISHER: Madrid YEAR PUBLISHED: 2014 BINDING: Newsprint NO. OF PAGES: 48 NO. OF ILLUSTRATIONS:  around 60 TRIM DIMENSIONS: 255x350mm RETAIL PRICE: 20 Euro + shipping DISTRIBUTOR: […]

Article / Sputnik Photos in current issue of BJP

An article about Sputnik Photos in current issue of British journal of Photography.

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / On the bank of Dniester by Andrej Balco

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Following the vision of better future, more than one million of its inhabitants, i.e. 25 per cent, have left the country. It is this hard-earn currency flowing to Moldova from different parts of the world which helps to keep the Moldavian economy afloat. On the other side, the […]

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / Tshartarapetutyun by Andrei Liankevich

I was totally shocked by the anarchic attitude to architecture in Armenia. Being totally free as they are, Armenians can easily construct any building of any shape and in any place. In Yerevan, you can easily find ever newer levels being placed atop houses without any official authorisation. And this causes an incredible cacophony of […]

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / The Victory Day by Agnieszka Rayss

Millions of women in the Soviet army fought against the fascists. They filled various posts: nurses, sappers, aviators, tankers. Some of them still children, teenage girls. The ones that still live today are around 90 years old. Their great home country no longer exists. They often live in countries which are not their place of […]

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / The Gardeners by Jan Brykczynski

The Yerevan gardens have a long tradition and are deeply rooted in Armenian culture. Gaining importance as a source of fresh vegetables in times of crisis and becoming more amateur nature in better times, they make these shifts every time the political and economic situation in the Caucasus changes. They connect the city’s inhabitants with […]

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / Mother by Adam Panczuk

For the most part, they were to be pictures of ceilings, windows – the scenery that immobile war veterans see in front of their eyes. Images they will be doomed to watch till the end of their lives. After calling Timur, who, as I had earned earlier, has no hands and legs, I knew my […]

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / Chasing a White Horse by Rafal Milach

The charismatic president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili had a dream and a plan. For nearly a decade of his leadership, he strived to mould the Caucasian country according to western models. Georgia was to be a germ of Western thinking and civilisation in that part of the world – in the direct neighbourhood of the […]

Feature / Speaking in a loud voice / Spitak by Michal Luczak

The scenery here is soaked with resignation. All you can do is look at the mountains and imagine you are in Scandinavia – Norway, or even Iceland. Rocky peaks and mild slopes overgrown with fine grass. Landscape green from the ground and blue from the sky. An unambiguous and stark scenery. The decisions about the […]

Screening / Sputnik Photos on Caucasus and Moldova.

The slide show of  new Sputnik Photos project will be presented at 12 AM, 25th of September in Zaklad, Warsaw (ul. Lubelska 30/32).

BOOK / BOIKO by Jan Brykczyński

BOOK / BOIKO by Jan Brykczyński 550 copies including 50 special edition hard cover dimentions: 23cm x 21cm 46 pages, 37 photos photographs: Jan Brykczyński main language: English text: by Taras Prokhas’ko in English, Ukrainian and Polish book design: Ania Nałecka / TBD publisher: self-published ISBN 978-83-939245-0-9PUBLICATIONS / AWARDS Arles Voie Off: finalist Grand Prix Photofestiwal in Lodz: finalist […]

Exhibition / BOIKO in Leica Gallery

From 09.8.2014 till 07.09.2014 Jan Brykczynski’s “BOIKO” will be exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Warsaw, Poland.   More information here.

Workshop / III edition of Sputnik Mentorship Programme

  After a successful first and second edition we are thrilled to launch third edition of Sputnik Mentorship Programme. You can find more information HERE. Application deadline: July 31st.

Exhibition / PSOPLAAINND. Mapping the Blind Spots – Photoespana 2014

We are happy to be part of official section of upcoming Photoespana 2014. “PSOPLAAINND. Mapping the Blind Spots” is a new publication and exhibition we prepare together with Spanish collective NOPHOTO. More informations here.

Book / NO.02

NO 2 : Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2012/ 2013 annual publication presenting work of 10 emerging photographers. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dominika Gęsicka, Karolina Gembara, Konstancja Nowina-Konopka , Krzysztof Racoń, Gregory Michenaud, Wiktor Dąbkowski, Kuba Bors, Marta Berens, Maciej Gapiński, Łukasz Gryko TEXT BY: Rafał Milach, Authors LANGUAGE OF TEXT: English / Polish ISBN: 978-83-927485-2-6 PUBLISHER: Sputnik Photos CITY […]

Exhibition / Sputnik Photos in FOTODOK Utrecht

On the 1st of march we opened our first combined show ( Stand BY, U, Distant Place, multimedia and all our books ) in Fotodok Utrecht (NL). The show is on until April 13th 2014.

Exhibition / Sputnik in FOTODOK (NL) – opening

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, Sputnik Photos opened 3 exhibitions in Utrecht (NL). Sputnik works are shown on the invitation of Fotodok (, which is thus inaugurate the operation of its new seat in Utrecht’s museum district. In the new Fotodok spaces Sputnik artists show three exhibitions about Central-Eastern Europe: “Stand By” – devoted to […]

Exhibition / Distand Place on Circulation(s) festival in Paris,

Circulation(s) festival of Young European Photography hosts our show Distant Place in beautiful industrial space. More information here.

Award / Adam Panczuk’s Karczeby – POYi Best Photobook of the Year!

Adam Pankuk’s “Karczeby” has been selected as “Best Photobook of the Year” for 2013 by Picture of The Year International!

Award / Agnieszka Rayss Agnieszka Rayss among finalists of 2 contests.

Agnieszka Rayss among finalists of Fotofestiwal Grand Prix 2014 and Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2013.

Exhibition / Stand By in Leica Gallery Warsaw

STAND BY in Leica Gallery Warsaw till January 26th. Mysia 3 street, Warsaw.

Book / Stand BY / special edition

Photographers: Jan Brykczynski, Manca Juvan, Andrei Liankevich , Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Rafal Milach, Adam Panczuk, Agnieszka Rayss Text by: Victor Martinovich Design: Ania Nalecka / TBD Language of text: English / Belorussian ISBN: 978-83-927485-5-7 Publisher: Sputnik Photos City of publisher: Warsaw Year published: 2012 Binding: hard cover No. Of pages: 160 No. Of illustrations: 123 Type […]

Workshop / Digital chronicle

This summer Sputnik organized 3 workshops for children in east Poland. This is a short summary.

Book / Karczeby by Adam Pańczuk

hard cover 300 x 300 mm 80 pages, 23 pictures print 270 x 270 mm photos: Adam Pańczuk texts: Kazimierz Kusznierow design: Ania Nalecka / TBD publisher: self-published edition: 550 copies, including 50 collector’s copies. Awards: Magnum Expression Award 1st Honorable Mention National Geographic Photography Contest I prize in category Culture Newsweek Poland Photo Awards […]

Awards / “Karczeby” shortlisted in Paris Photo Apaerture Photobook awards 2013

Adam Panczuk’s book “Karczeby” designed by Ania Nalecka on first book shortlist of Paris Photo Aperture Photobook awards 2013. More informations here.