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Photographers: Jan Brykczynski, Manca Juvan, Andrei Liankevich , Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Rafal Milach, Adam Panczuk, Agnieszka Rayss
Text by: Victor Martinovich
Design: Ania Nalecka / TBD
Language of text: English / Belorussian
ISBN: 978-83-927485-5-7
Publisher: Sputnik Photos
City of publisher: Warsaw
Year published: 2012
Binding: hard cover
No. Of pages: 160
No. Of illustrations: 123
Type of illustrations: four color
Trim dimensions: 170x215mm
Distributor: Sputnik Photos
Description of the book: 7 Sputnik photographers went to Belarus to see what was hidden behind the statement “the last dictatorship in Europe”. Slowly, layer by layer, they filtered Belarus and discovered it for themselves.

Awards: Best Photo Book of Central Eastern Europe 2012 / Month of Photography in
Bratislava, Slovakia

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