“Solidarity Art Residence” was an opportunity for Belarusian visual artists to stay in Warsaw and cooperate with Sputnik Photos photographers as a gesture of solidarity with the artistic milieu in a situation where it was impossible to create due to the political situation in the country. Space and time were given to four artists selected in an open call. The residency program was carried out as a part of the RAZAM -RAZEM-ZUZAM competition, organized by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation from the funds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany under the program “Supporting cooperation with civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia”. Project partners: Pavlov’s Dog gallery (Berlin) and the Swedish Status platform (http://statusproject.net/). Organizer: Sputnik Photos.


Ihar Hancharuk https://www.instagram.com/ihancharuk/,

Pavel Kritchko https://www.instagram.com/pkritchko/

Swiatłana Stankiewicz https://www.instagram.com/baranekbo/

Viktoryia Tan https://www.instagram.com/viktoryia.tan