Book / Pagan

Photographer: Andrei Liankevich
Text by:Svetlana Poleschuk, Iryna Mazuk
Designer: Sergej Shabohin
Language of text: Belarusian/English
ISBN: 978-83-930961-0-6
Publisher: self-published
Print run: 1650
City of publisher: Kaunas
Year published: 2010
Binding: hard cover
No. Of pages: 128
No. Of illustrations: 130
Type of illustration: duotone
Trim dimensions: 23 sm-23sm
Weight: 1 kg

Description of the book: Setting out for a tour of Belarusian villages Andrei Liankievich decided to collect the evidences of pagan culture still existing in many corners of the country. Ten rites were included in the book (marriage of the fireplace, Christmas rites, summons of the spring, st.George’s day, the burial of the arrow, bush (kust), seeing-off the mermaid, midsummer (kupalle), dazhynki, carrying the candle) as well as the entire collection of sacred plants, animals and objects was presented.

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