Book / One, two, buckle my shoe…

Photographers: Kids, workshop particpants
Text by: Kuba Dąbrowski
Editor / curator: Andrzej Kramarz
Designer: Ania Nałęcka / Tapir Book Design
Language of text: Polish and English
ISBN: 978-83-927485-4-0
Publisher: Sputnik Photos
Print run: 600
Year published: 2011
Binding: soft
No. Of pages: 308
No. Of illustrations: 335
Type of illustrations: 4 color photos
Trim dimensions: 120×210 mm,
Donation price: 10 euro + shipping
Description of the book: Book is an outcome of the 4×3 summer workshop that Sputnik Photos photographers held in 2011. Publication consists exclusively of pictures taken by kids from 12 Polish villages.

You can order the book and support Sputnik with your donation. The minimum donation is 10 euro plus shipping.

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