Exhibition / Lost Territories: The New End in Arsenal Gallery, Białystok (PL) / LTA 4

The selection shown at the Arsenal Gallery has provided the basis for a narrative with an explicitly cautious, eco-political tone. The adopted futurological perspective presupposes geological time (regarding rock formation processes) and, consequently, rejects the concept of time that is measured with individual human lives. This exercise in imagination – viewing a photographic archive and visualising what it could be like in the future, in several hundred or even thousand years – turns the collection into a prophecy; it can be looked at through the prism of a slowly approaching catastrophe that will sooner or later hit the human race exploiting natural resources, damaging the environment and exterminating more and more species (including itself).

Curator: Sebastian Cichocki

Galeria Arsenał, Białystok 03.03-20.04.2017