Exhibition / HUNTER by Sputnik Photos and Sputnik Mentoring Program on Format Festival in Derby

“HUNTER” a collective show by Sputnik Photographers and Sputnik Mentoring Program Students curated by Michal Luczak is part of this year Format Festival in Derby UK.

The exhibition at Derby Museum and Art Gallery features Sputnik Photos artists Jan Brykczyński, Rafał Milach, Agnieszka Rayss, Adam Pańczuk, Michał Łuczak, and Andrei Liankievich; and from the Sputnik Mentorship programme, Wiktor Dąbkowski, Dominika Gęsicka, Marta Kosiorek, Dagna Nippe, and Ela Polkowska. The exhibition includes a selection of a series of documentary photographs from the Sputnik Photos projects ‘Stand By’ and ‘Distant Place’, and the Sputnik Mentorship programme ‘students stories’. These projects previously functioned in a socio-political or territorial context, but their new iteration for FORMAT has deprived them of the latter. By manipulating ‘the truth’, facts, belief and the subjectivity of the photographer and the viewer alike, the exhibition provides a starting point for creating a new context for what are a dozen or so unique stories.

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