Book / Domesticas

Photographer: Andrej Balco
Text by: Lucia Benická, Andrej Balco, Angela Magalhaes, Nadja Fonseca Peregrino
Editor / curator ( if applies): Lucia Benická, Angela Magalhaes, Nadja Fonseca Peregrino
Designer: Jan Dyntera
Language of text: Slovak, English, Portugues
Isbn: 978 – 80 – 969955 – 2 – 3
Publisher: House Of Photography
City of publisher: Liptovský Mikuláš
Year published: 2008
Binding: soft
No. Of pages: 74
No. Of illustrations: 51
Type of illustrations: four-color
Description of the book: The book was published as a part of the IPRN project changing faces

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