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BOOK / BOIKO by Jan Brykczyński

BOOK / BOIKO by Jan Brykczyński 550 copies including 50 special edition hard cover dimentions: 23cm x 21cm 46 pages, 37 photos photographs: Jan Brykczyński main language: English text: by Taras Prokhas’ko in English, Ukrainian and Polish book design: Ania Nałecka / TBD publisher: self-published ISBN 978-83-939245-0-9PUBLICATIONS / AWARDS Arles Voie Off: finalist Grand Prix Photofestiwal in Lodz: finalist […]

Exhibition / BOIKO in Leica Gallery

From 09.8.2014 till 07.09.2014 Jan Brykczynski’s “BOIKO” will be exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Warsaw, Poland.   More information here.

Exhibition / Sputnik Photos in FOTODOK Utrecht

On the 1st of march we opened our first combined show ( Stand BY, U, Distant Place, multimedia and all our books ) in Fotodok Utrecht (NL). The show is on until April 13th 2014.

Exhibition / Sputnik in FOTODOK (NL) – opening

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, Sputnik Photos opened 3 exhibitions in Utrecht (NL). Sputnik works are shown on the invitation of Fotodok (, which is thus inaugurate the operation of its new seat in Utrecht’s museum district. In the new Fotodok spaces Sputnik artists show three exhibitions about Central-Eastern Europe: “Stand By” – devoted to […]

Exhibition / U in Warsztaty Kultury, Lublin, Poland

Sputnik exhibition “U” in Warsztaty Kultury in Lublin. 20.07-06.08.2013

Award / Jan Brykczynski wins porttfolio review in Bratislava

11.10.2012 Month of Photography in Bratislava – Jan Brykczyński wins the portfolio review.

U in Kiev / Ukraine

11.2.2012 Opening of the exhibition “U” at the Kavaleridze Museum in Kiev during the KievFotoCom festival.

Exhibition / in GGF gallery in Gdansk

06.2.2012 Vernissage of “U” at the Gdansk Gallery of Photography.

Award / POYi for Agnieszka Rayss

02.11.2012 / Agnieszka Rayss receives an award in the 69th Pictures of the Year International competition.

Book / U

Photographers: Andrej Balco, Jan Brykczyński, Andrei Liankevich, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Rafał Milach, Agnieszka Rayss, Filip Singer Text by: Serhiy Zhadan, Irena Karpa, photographers Editor / curator: Rafal Milach Designer: Ania Nałęcka / Tapir Book Design Language of text: English ISBN: 978-83-927485-1-9 Publisher: Sputnik Photos Print run: 300 City of publisher: Warsaw Year published: 2010 Binding: perfect […]

Feature / U / Black Sea of Concrete by Rafal Milach

Fertile Ukraine – Hitler dreamt of it, but it fell prey to Stalin. It was Stalin and others like him that cultivated this land. They did what they could. They are long gone, but the fertile land of the Ukraine continues to yield its crop – successive lumps of concrete. It is cracked on the […]

Feature / U / Femen by Agnieszka Rayss

Portraits of Femen activists – a group of feminists from Kiev, who protest topless against social injustice and the discrimination of women.

Feature / U / Boikos by Jan Brykczynski

I grew up in a big city, and perhaps that was the reason why I was always intrigued by small community life in the country. A certain Boiko village in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains became the place where my ideas about idyllic rural life materialised. What I looked for were the ambience and motifs that […]

Feature / U / Crimea: Somewhere Between Ukraine And Russia by Justyna Mielnikiewicz

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea has only been a part of the Ukraine since 1954, when it was transferred from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. Before, Crimea had been conquered and controlled by outside powers repeatedly throughout its history. Each invader left a visible mark. Today, Crimea is the homeland of the Crimean […]

Feature / U / Disappearing Village by Andrei Liankevich

Because of lack of economic incentive and government support, every year almost 300 villages disappear from the map of the Ukraine. Young people leave their villages to move to the big cities and towns in search of a good job – which is a generalised trend now in post-Soviet countries. I found the last people […]

Feature / U / 3 days from the EU by Andrej Balco

Antratsyt is an average town in eastern Ukraine, filled with coal mine water problems and Russian nostalgia. The majority of the population live on the verge of poverty, without any chance of a better life. The average salary is 1000 hrivnas (around 100 USD). Some people try to make more money by holding several jobs […]

Feature / U / Donetsk coal mines by Filip Singer

After the economic crisis hit the Ukraine, the monthly salaries of coal miners dropped to 100 dollars. Before the crisis, miners’ salaries averaged around 900 dollars. Ukraine is among the deadliest places in the world to work as a coal miner, with 75% of its pits officially classified as dangerous. Since Ukraine became independent in […]