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Movie / Reykjavik premiere.

On the 29th of August in Reykjavik (Iceland) at BIO PARADIS cinema we have shown our 3 documentary movies. The house was full. Stay tuned to this page for a schedule of upcoming screenings.

Movie / Grace of God by Kristján Loðmfjörð, Agnieszka Rayss, Jan Brykczynski

Grace of God is a documentary reflecting on the complex relationships between humans and domesticated animals. Thirteen individuals share their stories of personal experiences with a particular animal, relaying everything from profound friendships to a range of unusual interactions. There are stories of farm animals as well as beloved family friends. Animals of exceptional intelligence, […]

Movie / If Weather Permits by Huldar Breiðfjörð, Rafał Milach and Andrei Liankevich

Þór lives with his mother on a farm in the northwest of Iceland. He goes to school in a nearby village while his mother tends their flock of two hundred sheep. They are the last remaining people to inhabit the Ingjaldssandur fjord and their annual struggle with the isolation of harsh winter is only made […]

Movie / Sisters by Helena Stefánsdóttir

They live together, they’re in their fifties and they look alike. They are never sick, they hardly ever travel. They lead the most simple and yet beautiful life at their farm where the routine is the same, season after season, year after year. They’re hard working but yet their daily routine is oh so free […]