Book / 7 Rooms / 1st edition

Title: 7 rooms / out of print

Photographer: Rafal Milach
Text by: Svetlana Alexievich, Liza Faktor, Rafal Milach
Editor: Jan Grarup
Designer: Ania Nalecka / Tapir Book Design
Language of text: English / Russian
ISBN: 978-3-86828-265-8
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag (English), Treemedia ( Russian)
1 edition print run: 900 English / 300 Russian
Nr of special editions: 100 (English)
City of publisher: Heidelberg, Moscow
Year published: 2011
Binding: hard cover
No. Of pages: 152
No. Of illustrations: 57
Type of illustrations: 4 color photos
Trim dimensions: 165×203 mm
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Distributor: Kehrer Verlag / Treemedia