Feature / At the border / Sunday wishes by Andrej Balco

This series presents portraits of economic migrants from the Ukraine working in Slovakia. Almost all of the people portrayed are working illegally, and entered Slovakia on tourist visas. After their visas expire, many stay in the Slovak Republic and their residence thus becomes illegal. Their days are routine. Hard labour. Six day a week. Twelve […]

Feature / At the border / Ramaz in Georgia by Justyna Mielnikiewicz

Tamriko’s mother and her two small boys share a small, rundown rented flat in Tbilisi with her sister Nestan, Nestan’s partner Ramaz and their two teenage sons. Several years back, the family had to sell their house to pay off debts. Since then, they have moved from one rented apartment to another. Ramaz, an aircraft […]

Feature / At the border / Tamriko in Warsaw by Agnieszka Rayss

The story of Tamriko and Sofia, two Georgian friends who have been living in Poland for over 8 years. Their visas and passports expired a long time ago. They have a small stand at the bazaar in one of Warsaw’s suburbs. The bazaar is illegal, and they live in constant fear of being arrested and […]

Feature / At the border / Ba Lan by Rafal Milach

The Vietnamese are one of the biggest national minorities in Poland. The majority of Poland’s 30 000 Vietnamese live in Warsaw, where they earn their living mostly by selling clothes and running bars and restaurants. Almost 80% of them are illegal immigrants. The language barrier, Polish intolerance, rigid working and resident laws are the reasons […]

Feature / At the border / Serge in Slovenia by Manca Juvan

A story of Cameroonian immigrant in Slovenia.