Award / Jan Brykczynski distinguished in Lens Culture awards

12.5.2012 Jan Brykczyński and his “Primeval Forest” (“Stand By”) receives special mention at the Lens Culture International Expression Awards.

Presentation / Stand BY book launch in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

27.11.2012 Presentation and meeting with the authors of the “Stand By” project at the Modern Art Museum in Warsaw.

7 Rooms book shortlisted in PP-Aperture Photo Book Award 2012

11.11.2012 Rafał Milach’s book “7 Rooms” among the top 30 books at the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photo Book Award 2012.

Award / Sputnik awarded for Books in Bratislava

11.10.2012 Month of Photography in Bratislava – “7 Rooms” (Rafał Milach) and “Stand By” (Sputnik Photos) chosen as the best photo books of 2012 in Central and Eastern Europe. “Distant Place” (Sputnik Photos) receives honourable mention.

Award / Jan Brykczynski wins porttfolio review in Bratislava

11.10.2012 Month of Photography in Bratislava – Jan Brykczyński wins the portfolio review.

7 Rooms in Noorderlicht Gallery

11.5.2012 Opening of Rafał Milach’s “7 Rooms” exhibition at the Noorderlicht Gallery, Groningen, the Netherlands.

U in Kiev / Ukraine

11.2.2012 Opening of the exhibition “U” at the Kavaleridze Museum in Kiev during the KievFotoCom festival.

20.10.2012 Sputnik launches its mentorship programme. Agnieszka Rayss, Adam Pańczuk, Jan Brykczyński and Rafał Milach will work with 12 chosen photographers over the next 10 months.

Book / Sputnik magazine No.1

25.09.2012 Sputnik’s new publication – newspaper No. 1 – premieres with photographs by workshop participants and “Stand By” behind the scenes.

Stand BY in Krynki

09.1.2012 Teaser of “Stand By” exhibition at the Villa Sokrates in Krynki.

Distant Place website

25.07.2012 The project “Distant Place” has its own website:

Exhibition / Distant Place in Pavilion 512 / Warsaw

07.5.2012 Vernissage of “Distant Place” at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

Exhibition / in GGF gallery in Gdansk

06.2.2012 Vernissage of “U” at the Gdansk Gallery of Photography.

7 Rooms in CO Berlin

25.05.2012 Opening of the exhibition “7 Rooms” by Rafał Milach at CO Berlin / Germany.

Award / Grand Press Photo 2012 Awards for Sputnik photographers

16.05.2012 Grand Press Photo Award for Jan Brykczyński and Agnieszka Rayss for stories from the “Stand By” project.

Stand BY in EHU Vilnus

14.05.2012 Presentation of the “Stand By” project at the European Humanities University in Vilnius.

Book / Stand BY book launch at Fotofestival in Lodz

05.11.2012 Premiere book launch of “Stand By” at the Fotofestiwal in Lodz.

Award / Sony World Award 2012 for Jan Brykczynski

27.04.2012 Third place for Jan Brykczynski in the Sony World Photography Award 2012 competition for his story from Iceland.

Exhibition / Is(not) in Sirius Art Center / Ireland

25.04.2012 “IS(not)” exhibition at the Sirius Art Center in Cobh, Ireland.

Sputnik Spring Workshops

16.04.2012 Sputnik Photos launches a first edition of spring workshop in Warsaw.

7 Rooms / POYi best photo book award of 2011

25.02.2012 “7 Rooms” by Rafal Milach chosen as the best Photography Book at the 69th Pictures of the Year International competition.

7 rooms in Zacheta

24.02.2012 Rafał Milach’s “7 Rooms” exhibition opens at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art / Warsaw, Poland.

Award / POYi for Agnieszka Rayss

02.11.2012 / Agnieszka Rayss receives an award in the 69th Pictures of the Year International competition.

Feature / Distant Place / Closed circuit by Agnieszka Rayss

Warsaw, the Vistula River. I photographed a process without which life in the city would be impossible. We draw water from beneath the Vistula and return it to the river. These places are seldom seen. It is the machinery of the river which we try to conceal and not to look at. It’s a mysterious […]

Feature / Distant Place / Ecosystem by Michal Luczak

There is a wild forest in the center of Warsaw. Together with the Vistula, it divides the city into two parts. It looks like a no-man’s land. But just beyond the first line of trees, there is a different world, opposed to city life.

Feature / Distant Place / About the man who jumped off a bridge by Rafal Milach

In 2012, the major Polish river, the Vistula, dropped to its lowest level in history. The story investigates the 30 km Warsaw part of the river. All the objects, people and places are linked to what is hidden underwater or below the river surface.

Feature / Distant Place / Mission completed by Jan Brykczynski

The golden era of the Vistula River is long passed. There is no more need to monitor river traffic or to deepen its channels and clear it of debris. The signals and signposts have all disappeared. Times have changed, and the golden era for people closely tied to the Vistula, like Bogdan, a push-boat mechanic, […]

Feature / Distant Place / Studio Vistula by Adam Panczuk

The Vistula bank is my photography studio. I invite Varsovians there to take their portraits, using the natural scenery as a backdrop. The models’ age, educational background and nationality are of no interest to me, like in a photographer’s studio when a client walks in. The photographer doesn’t know too much about him, and neither […]

Book / Brutal

Photographer: Michal Luczak Text by: Maciej Malicki Editor / curator: Andrzej Kramarz Designer: Ania Nalecka / Tapir Book Design Language of text: English ISBN: 978-83-933361-7-3 Publisher: self-published Print run: 300 City of publisher: Katowice Year published: 2012 Binding: hard cover No. Of pages: 64 No. Of illustrations: 31 Type of illustrations: b/w, cmyk Trim dimensions: […]

Book / Domesticas

Photographer: Andrej Balco Text by: Lucia Benická, Andrej Balco, Angela Magalhaes, Nadja Fonseca Peregrino Editor / curator ( if applies): Lucia Benická, Angela Magalhaes, Nadja Fonseca Peregrino Designer: Jan Dyntera Language of text: Slovak, English, Portugues Isbn: 978 – 80 – 969955 – 2 – 3 Publisher: House Of Photography City of publisher: Liptovský Mikuláš […]

Book / American Dream

Photographer: Agnieszka Rayss Text by: Agnieszka Rayss, Paulina, Marta, Ania and others. Designer: Ania Nałęcka / Tapir Book Design Language of text: English ISBN: 978-83-931621-0-9 Publisher: Profotografia Print run: 500 Nr of special editions: 45 City of publisher: Poznań Year published: 2010 Binding: hard cover+linen+ foil stamping No. Of pages: 200 No. Of illustrations: 73 […]

Book / Pagan

Photographer: Andrei Liankevich Text by:Svetlana Poleschuk, Iryna Mazuk Designer: Sergej Shabohin Language of text: Belarusian/English ISBN: 978-83-930961-0-6 Publisher: self-published Print run: 1650 City of publisher: Kaunas Year published: 2010 Binding: hard cover No. Of pages: 128 No. Of illustrations: 130 Type of illustration: duotone Trim dimensions: 23 sm-23sm Weight: 1 kg Description of the book: […]

Book / 7 Rooms / 1st edition

Title: 7 rooms / out of print Photographer: Rafal Milach Text by: Svetlana Alexievich, Liza Faktor, Rafal Milach Editor: Jan Grarup Designer: Ania Nalecka / Tapir Book Design Language of text: English / Russian ISBN: 978-3-86828-265-8 Publisher: Kehrer Verlag (English), Treemedia ( Russian) 1 edition print run: 900 English / 300 Russian Nr of special […]

Book / In the Car with R

Title: In The Car With R Photographer: Rafal Milach Text by: Huldar Breidfjord Designer: Ania Nałęcka / Tapir Book Design Language of text: English ISBN: 978-8389856401 Publisher: Czytelnia Sztuki 1 edition print run: 450 English / 250 Polish Nr of special editions: 50 ( English) City of publisher: Gliwice Year published: 2012 Binding: hard cover […]

Multimedia / Stand By

Stand By (2011-2012) Seven Sputnik photographers went to Belarus to see what was hidden behind the statement “the last dictatorship in Europe”. Slowly, layer by layer, they filtered Belarus and discovered it for themselves. The project, during which the material of the book was compiled, went on for two years. During this time the photographers […]

Feature / Stand By / I_am_in_vogue by Adam Panczuk

Sasha and I were sitting by a tiled stove, it was very dark. Sasha was talking about the Belarusian soul, about how it was rooted in the Soviet Union and how it was hard to find people who were aware of their roots. Travelling to Belarus, I wanted to understand what type of soul Sasha […]

Feature / Stand By / Primeval forest by Jan Brykczynski

The Belovezhskaya Pushcha in Belarus is an ancient woodland, the last primeval forest in Europe. It has its special place in the history of the country, and is deeply rooted in Belorussian folklore. I wanted to examine the complex human relationship with nature in communities situated closest to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha. I was primarily interested […]

Feature / Stand By / Goodbye, Motherland by Andrei Liankevich

The “Goodbye, Motherland” project explores the attitude to WWII in Belarus. Belarus has only one ideology – war ideology. Belarus Independence Day is the day when the capital was freed from the Nazi occupation. The main streets in the capital are named after war heroes, which is around 30% of all streets names. The latest […]

Feature / Stand By / I reminisce and cry for life by Agnieszka Rayss

I was portraying women – veterans of the Second World War. I was inspired by Svetlana Alekseyevich’s book War’s Unwomanly Face. The heroines of my story were all active participants of the war. They are “Heroes of the Nation”. All these women of different nationalities were fighting in World War II for their homeland. The […]

Feature / Stand By / The Winners by Rafal Milach

They are the best of the best. The winners of national and local contests. They are proof that everything goes well. They are the pride of the nation. They are the image the authorities give to society.

Feature / Stand By / Homeland by Manca Juvan

“Homeland” explores the Belorussian community in New York. Objects of the past, favorite present places as well as future goals tell us the stories of individuals from different backgrounds and of different ages, who all share the wish for a more free and prosperous life.

Feature / Stand By / City of Women by Justyna Mielnikiewicz

“City of Women” is a story about 12 women from Grodno, a city in northwest Belarus, where women officially outnumber men 1.4 to 1, although the locals claim the ratio is much higher. Every day Maya Chirkova walks to her small Grodno office, where she has paired Belarusian women with foreign men for 15 years. […]

4×3 Workshop – multimedia

In the summer of 2011, Sputnik photographers visited 12 small towns and villages in different parts of Poland. In each of them, they gave out cameras to children so that they could document their surroundings. The result of the project is One, two, buckle my shoe – a photo book with the children’s pictures, as […]

Exhibition / Is(not) in LA Art Museum / Hveragerdi, Iceland

Is(not) in LA Art Museum / Hveragerdi, Iceland from 12th of March till 8th May 2011.

Multimedia / Is(not) / Very hidden people by Adam Panczuk

Modern Icelanders. Most of them don’t believe in God, the majority can’t imagine joining the EU, many deny the world’s economic rules, but there is something beyond nature that they do believe in and respect. Hiddenfolk, the hidden people – elves. In 2006 and 2007, the social science department of the University of Iceland conducted […]

Multimedia / Is(not) / In the car with R by Rafal Milach

“To do the Ring” is an Icelandic expression that generally refers to travels on Route 1, the highway that encircles the country. To travel this road is something that most Icelanders do at some point in their lives, and some even prefer to do it every summer. The reasons for going are of course different, […]

Multimedia / Is(not) / Earth Bleeds Water by Agnieszka Rayss

Due to the special geological location of Iceland, the high concentration of volcanoes in the area is often an advantage with respect to the generation of geothermal energy, heating and the production of electricity. In the winter, pavements near these areas (such as Reykjavík and Akureyri) are heated up. Producing energy is not the only […]

Book / Is(not) / Regular Edition

Photographers: Jan Brykczynski, Michal Luczak, Rafal Milach, Adam Panczuk, Agnieszka Rayss Text by: Sindri Freysson, Hermann Stefansson, Kristin Heida Kristinsdottir, Sigurbjorg Prastardottir, Huldar Breidfjord Editor / curator: Andrzej Kramarz Designer: Ania Nałęcka / Tapir Book Design Language of text: English / Icelandic ISBN: 978-83-927485-8-8 Publisher: Sputnik Photos Print run: 1000 Nr of special edition copies: […]

Exhibition / Is(not) in Hof / Akureyri, Iceland

Is(not) in in Hof / Akureyri, Iceland from 20th of February 2011.

Multimedia / Is(not) / To be an island by Michal Luczak

The Icelandic word einangrun consists of two stems. The first part of the word is ein, which means “1”, while the second part is angrun, which means “sadness” or “sorrow”, and is related to words like “angurvaerd” (“melancholy”) and “angur” (“sorrow”). In other words, einangrun literally means the sadness or sorrow of being alone. Corresponding […]